HVAC Mechanical

If you have a  heat pump, roof top package unit, central air system with vav, packaged chiller or cooling towers. I can assist you with your needs.

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Building Controls

Building Controls can be a very complicated  utility for the end user. Without staff that understands the full operation and capabilities of the system, many times the tendency is to manually override energy saving features. If you find it necessary to disable any feature of you control system, it my be worth the time to evaluate any short falls or design faults that you may have. Maintaining a fully operational building control system is a must to preserve equipment and operation cost.

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Air Compressor Services

Air compressors are one of the most forgotten piece of equipment in any facility until it  stops working. Without having the services that check the operational conditions of the equipments efficiency, electrical and oil condition regularly can cause expensive damages and down time.

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My Message

I have been in the industry for over 35 years with the background in HVAC,  building controls and the air compressor industry.

I strive to provide support to my customers with my years of experience, so they can make educated decisions on the equipment they own.

I will never suggest replacing equipment when the extra effort to repair and extend the useful life of a piece of equipment is economical and in the best interest of the customer.